Potential applications:Bio-medical textiles; tissue engineering; structural, industrial and manufacturing uses (i.e., filters, home furnishings, construction materials; interior design materials; automotive lining).

Project #1: Electrospun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Mats from Banana and Pineapple Fibers - Year III

Description of the Project:  In 2012, nanofiber mats from banana and pineapple pulp were successfully fabricated which paved the way for the utilization of local fibers for nanofiber production.  The intended  result of this research will have potential applications within the fields of tissue engineering, filtration, pharmaceuticals - drug delivery vehicle, wound dressing, biosensors and the like.

Impact/Potential Applications: Development of a locally produced nanofiber with applications ranging from filtration, pharmaceuticals, bio-sensors and the like.

Project #2: Electrospun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Mats from Pineapple and Banana Using Funnel Collector

Description of the Project:  This project will involve the electrospinning of nanocellulose fiber yarns from pineapple and banana using funnel collector to produce continuous electrospun nanocellulose yarns for textile application.

Impact/Potential Applications: Development of a locally produced nanofiber yarns with potential application asmaterials for protective clothing against chemical and biological influences.

Project #3: Nonwoven Banana Fabrics as Insulation Material

Description of the Project:  Utilization of banana fiber for the manufacture of nonwoven fabrics as substitute for the usual insulation materials.

Impact/Potential Applications: Introduction of a cheaper raw material substitute for synthetic fiber.  Potential industries - automotive (trunk mats and carpets) and for building insulation.

Project #4: Sugarcane Bagasse/Polyethylene Composites for Household Furnishings

Description of the Project:  Utilization of sugarcane bagasse (residue from cane stalk usually left to rot) as source of natural fibers for use as composites for household furnishings.

Impact/Potential Applications: Conversion of agricultural wastes into value added products.

Project #8: Electrospun Bionano-textile from Banana Cellulose Acetate Composite as Scaffold for Skin Tissue Engineering (Year 2)

General: To develop a bionano-textile scaffold material from banana cellulose acetate composites for skin tissue engineering.


  1. To develop cellulose acetate-based electrospun bionanotextile for skin tissue engineering;
  2. To characterize and define the properties of the cellulose acetate-based bionanotextile;
  3. To evaluate the performance of the bionanotextile as scaffold for skin tissue engineering.

Expected Outputs: 

- Electrospun cellulose acetate-based bionanotextile for skin tissue engineering

- Technical paper

Total Project Cost = 1,270,735.00