By: Sharmainne Rhey B. Caoili
Technology Transfer, Information and Promotions Staff


Bb. Pilipinas International 2021 Ms. Hannah Arnold in the TELA Exhibition for the promotions of the Philippine Tropical Fabrics

The Philippines’ contender for the upcoming Miss International Pageant, and a proud S&T advocate, Ms. Hannah Arnold, declares much interest and support for the use and promotion of Philippine natural textiles upon learning of the local capability to produce these, and of their socio-economic benefit to the local textile industry.

Through her various social media platforms, the Binibining Pilipinas - International 2021 has been showing her support for Philippine textiles by inviting everyone to join the celebration of the Philippine Tropical Fabrics (PTF) Month for the whole month of January. These were through several virtual activities organized by the DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute, and included the TELA Sessions, 3rd Philippine Silk Summit, TELA Conference Plenary, and the TELA Talks.

Ms. Hannah Arnold in Ribbon Cutting for TELA Exhibition

Ms. Arnold was the special guest for the launch of the 2022 TELA Conference Exhibition held at the DOST-PTRI TELA Gallery Textile Design and Innovation Hub in Taguig City.  She inspired many with her beauty, wit, her love for Philippine-made textiles, and the science and technology behind the making of these textile materials.

A modern Filipiniana in 100% Philippine Silk was created for her by the DOST-PTRI, in partnership with various local textile stakeholders. The dress was made using fabric of silk yarns from silkworms reared by partner cocoon producers in Misamis Oriental. The fabrics used 21 denier silk yarn for the warp and 84-denier silk yarn for the weft or filling yarn which were naturally dyed using Philippine indigo and woven into a powder blue silk fabric. The silk fabric was handloom woven by the Dela Cruz House of Piña and was designed into a modern Filipiniana by the homegrown fashion brand BAYO.

Ms. Arnold proudly wore and modeled the Filipiniana during her visit. She was delighted to see different wearable products showcased in the TELA Exhibition, designed and produced by brands BAYO, Unica Hija, Philippine Fashion Coalition member-designers Ann Casas, Pablo Cabahug, Regina Aquino, and Niño Angeles, using materials provided by the DOST-PTRI. She expressed interest in bringing Philippine fashion to the upcoming pageant she will be joining.

TELA Exhibition

TELA Exhibition2

All the outfits were made using DOST-PTRI’s yarns, fabrics, and technologies as output of the Institute’s research and development programs. It demonstrates the applicability and huge potential of the Philippine Tropical Fabrics as material to dress the Filipinos.

Ms. Hannah Arnold and DOST PTRI Dir. Celia Elumba in TELA Exhibition

DOST-PTRI Dir. Celia B. Elumba showing Bb. Pilipinas international 2021 Ms. Hannah Arnold around the TELA Exhibition for the promotions of the Philippine Tropical Fabrics

As emphasized by the DOST-PTRI Director, Ms. Celia B. Elumba during the 2022 TELA Conference:

“You know our goal is really to have more of us wear more of the products that are made in the Philippines. So we want to see 110 million Filipinos, though I’m happy to start with 10%, but I’m also very happy to start with 1.9 million government employees. We would like to see more Filipinos wearing more Philippine-made products made in the Philippines and it comes straight from the ground up. So we are excited to see the fruit of this and we would love to see more collaborations”.

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