Project #1: Technology Transfer and Commercialization of PTRI Technologies


General: To develop and enhance the competitiveness of local MSMEs and other beneficiaries including SUCs offering textile and garment technology-related courses by providing appropriate technologies and substantial support in terms of manpower skills and development.


  1. To provide appropriate training courses on textile technologies that would enhance the efficiency, productivity, flexibility and manpower skills of the target beneficiaries;
  2. To facilitiate technology transfer activities that would foster culture of innovation to take advantage of textile technologies and create business opportunities;
  3. To provide suitable ground for on-the-job training courses for students.

Expected Outputs: 

-52 training courses, ser, iinar, workshops and technology demonstrations facilitated

-75 beneficiaries trained

-20 entities assessed on impact by PTRI technology interventions

Total Project Cost = 1,364,495.00

Project #2: PTRI Knowledge Products Development and Promotion


  1. To develop PTRI knowledge products conveying the identified core themes and key messages and/or implement communication tactics for each of the products;
  1. Serve as the promotional and informational arm of PTRl's various programs highlighting the

DOST-GIA Revitalization Program and conduct various promotional activities carrying the PTRI core themes and specific key messages.

Expected Outputs: 

-11 IEC materials developed

-16 news articles prepared

-8 radio interviews arranged

-5 TV appearances coordinated

-5 exhibits participated in

-45 group tours accommodated

-3,000 inquiries attended

Total Project Cost = 1,562,863.00