One of the mandates of the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) as a line agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is to undertake the transfer of completed researches to end-users or via linkage units of other government agencies.

Through the transfer of the developed technologies to end-users in the textile industry sector and textile-based cottage, small and medium scale industries, it is hoped that new textile-based industries in the countryside would be developed.

Most of the technologies presented here could be availed of through on-the-job training and/or seminar/workshops offered by the Institute. Seminar/workshops are done in-house or throughout the regions and provinces.

A.   Finishing and Dyeing Technologies  


B.   Handloom Weaving Technologies


C.   Sericulture

  • Cocoon production
  • Handspun silk yarn production
  • Silk cocoon flower making
  • Silk floss/Flat silk production
  • Degumming and handspinning for defective cocoons and reeling wastes
  • Filature/Silk cocoon reeling (available at PTRI, Bicutan)

D. Natural dye technologies transferred to MSMEs through contract research

  • Kogon grass extraction and textile application
  • Guava extraction and textile application
  • Bakawan lalake extraction and textile application
  • Mayana extraction and textile application
  • Indigo dye powder production
  • Indigo dye cake production
  • Indigo leaves extraction and textile application
  • Silkscreen printing using Mahogany dye powder
  • Silkscreen printing using Indigo dye powder
  • Silkscreen printing using Yellow Ginger dye powder
  • Silkscreen printing using Talisay yellow extract
  • Silkscreen printing using Talisay black extract
  • Silkscreen printing using Annatto extract
  • Silkscreen printing using Mahogany extract
  • Silkscreen printing using Coconut extract

Other technologies (Utility Model) for Adoption (under a technology transfer agreement among PTRI, DOST Region, Fabricator and Adopter)

  • Twining Machine
  • Dyeing Vat
  • Double Sley Beater for Upright Handloom